The continuous Growth of The Greek Golden Visa

09 August, 2022


Residency by Investment

The continuous Growth of The Greek Golden Visa

The Greek Golden Visa program continuous to rise despite the obstacles of the pandemic which apparently reduced the turnover but failed to be a deterrent to the success of the program and the flourishing of the Real Estate Market.

The demand for real estate properties and application for the residency has not been decreased, on the contrary, with China remaining the first partner, new reliable partners from Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon have also entered in the market dynamically, contributing to the continuous growth of the Greek Golden Visa.

On the other hand, the Greek authorities responded fast to the demand enacting a series of measures that facilitate the applications, including inter alia the waive of the obligation of entry in Greece for the property purchase, the fast issue of the residence permits, the establishment of the new Immigration Office under the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum, the reservation of e-appointments and more, securing that all applicants are served promptly.

At the same time, the Greek Real Estate Market proved to be the most profitable, securing for property owners’ high income from rents per month, low-cost of property maintenance and multiple choices of financial use of the property (long-term or short-term rentals for touristic purposes)

The above, combined with the lowest investment costs in Europe, only 250,000 €, explain why Greece remains one of the top destinations for obtaining Golden Visa.

Golden Visa in figures

Source: Ministry of Migration and Asylum

General Secretariat of Immigration Policy

Date: 31.01.2022


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