KMD Law Firm & Associates offers a wide range of legal services in the fields of energy law specialized and targeted on the operation of RES projects in Greece.

We undertake among others:

· Targeted Legal opinions and legal memos on any issue related to energy and environmental legislation that may affect potential investment in the renewable energy sector.
· Legal targeted advice for the acquisition and transaction of mature RES projects
· Negotiation and drafting all the pre-contractual and final contractual documents with the sellers of the projects
· Legal assistance for finding the appropriate transaction scheme (share purchase agreement or asset purchase agreement)
· Legal due diligence report referring to the licensing status of the project accompanied with an analytic red flag report
· Legal control of the land plots and analytic report of their compatibility with the specific requirements set by RES licensing legislation (i.g. forest area, Natura 2000 area)
· Legal control/drafting of lease agreements in compliance with the special legislation for RES stations in Greece
· Legal assistance for the current support schemes for RES stations in Greece
· Finalize the administrative procedure of the transaction (documentation to be forwarded to RAE and DAPEEP)
· Legal assistance for investing in greenfield projects
· Legal assistance in all the administrative procedures needed for the lawful operation of a RES station


Energy Newsletter2_8_22   

Licensing procedure for the operation of RES stations.