Administrative – Tax Law

Administrative – Tax Law

Administrative Law

The creation of legal relations involving the state either at a contractual level or at the level of unilateral enforcement of rules of law by exercising public authority creates a huge scope for action by the governing bodies. This situation in particular, due to  the Memorandum of Understanding, is triggering a series of court cases stemming from the inappropriate activity of the state which infringes constitutionally protected rights of citizens.

The KMD Law Firm offers a unique combination of knowledge and experience in all aspects of public law, constitutional principles and administrative procedures. The rule of law within states and between nations has a significant impact on legal relationships between individuals and the state or legal structures covered by his mantle. Whether your company is affected by public-law relationships or as a private individual, you are faced with defects in public action that affect your legitimate interests, KMD Law Firm has a team of lawyers specialized in constitutional and administrative law, offering considerable experience in public law advice.We are equipped to advise both companies operating at a global crossroad in international trade and individuals dealing with domestic trade, public procurement law and human rights law.

Our law firm represents individuals before the competent administrative bodies through appeals (ordinary / special) and before the competent administrative courts through lawsuits against the public, substantive actions and applications for annulment when individuals rights are affected, unilateraled or contractual action may be enforced.

Tax Law

In the complex world of tax law we facilitate you to the direction of finding the best tax – savy option either for you or for your business.Tax law is one of the sub-sectors of administrative law and specifically concerns all the emerging disputes arising in the process of enforcement and collecting the tax or fine. Citizens have a wide range of legal remedies, in particular, the appeal as well as the interim injunctive relief, so that they can achieve the freezing of the tax or fine until the main case is heard before the competent administrative court. Also, at the enforcement stage, there is the possibility of opposing and suspending the case, in order to verify even late the unlawfulness of the tax or the fine and the limitation thereof to the appropriate measure or even the complete annulment of its imposition. Our law firm successfully undertakes the representation of individuals before the competent authorities and courts in order to provide them with complete protection against the tax authorities.

At KMD Law Firm, our value comes from seeing your cases as they are our own business and we do collaborate  with you every step of the way. Together, we will develop and implement a plan based on your needs and aspirations—one that proactively identifies creative, integrated commercial tax-saving solutions. When you engage KMD Law Firm for tax services, you’re getting an interdisciplinary team that understands how tax law meshes with other areas of the law—corporate, real estate and litigation, to name a few. You are drawing from a focused team with years of experience in your industry. KMD Law Firm’s comprehensive tax services include experience in matters relating to individuals and private companies, multinational companies, listed companies and more.