Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how we collect personal data in our site and how we process same.

By giving your personal data in our webpage, you agree with the practices of handling information described in this present privacy policy. You should read the section under title “What choices do I have” below in order to understand the choices you have in relation to your personal data.

This privacy policy also covers personal data that we collect through other media, combined with data collected via

1. Information we collect
We collect following data regarding users : (1) information submitted voluntarily to us (“Information provided by the user”), (2) technical data collected automaticlally below in section “Collection of Data”) and (3) information we collect from third parties.

Information provided by the user : it is possible to collect data provided by the user when you choose to give us your personal information via the webpage, even when you send us an e-mail asking a question. It is possible to keep the content sent through communication sheets for a period of six months. The info submitted through such is exclusively used for purposes of accommodation of customers and are not shared with third parties, for purposes of marketing or others, unless otherwise requested by law.

Collection of data by passive way : as in most internet services we automatically receive and write down information from the navigation programme you use when visiting site in the collection archives of our servers. It is possible to use different technological methods, including clear GIFs or Pixels (also known as “web beacons”) and of “cookies’, for the collection of that information. We use session cookies as well as persistent cookies. The data collected with this automated methods are possible including, amongst others, the IP address, info from cookies, some tracking of device or user, the type of navigation programme, the type of functional system, the content and the pages which you have visited in the site of, the frequency and duration of your visits, in the said site and the “URL of redirection” (that is the page from which you had been directed to the webpage kmdlaw,gr). If we combine any information collected via passive media w personal info, we treat that combined data as personal data, under the scope of the specific Privacy Policy.

For additional information regarding technologies we use and the way of their operations kindly refer to the Cookies Policy that follows.

2. The use of collected data
We process personal data to create and strengthen our relationship with you. It is possible that we use personal data a) to provide, improve and maintain the website, b) to discourage the misuse or the malicious use of the site of, c) to present the personalised content of the web location of, d) where it is allowed by legislation in force, to sent to you, amongst others via e-mail, regarding our products and services, e) to answer your questions and for other reasons of customers’ service.
We could use the address of your e-mail, including any other e-mail address sent through the site of, as set in section ”Communication and non requested communication Marketing”.
In the webpage, there is a possibility that we process data by passive way in order to : (a) remember the information of yours so that you don’t need to insert same again during session or next time that you visit the webpage, kai (b) to monitor the total of times counted for use of site, such as the total number of visitors and pages that have been projected.

3. Disposition of collected info
We do not sell or dispose in any other way of e-mail addresses and other personal data that we collect directly through site However kindly take under consideration that any piece of information that is voluntarily chosen to be projected by you in and part of the site of is publicly disposed, and could be collected and processed by ourselves of by ohters without limitations. We dispose data, including those characterized as personal, in the following manner:

Providers of Services of Law Firm Katerina Marini and Associates
It is possible that we provide personal data to third parties for the execution of internal functions of the organization with the framework of execution of contractual obligations (i.e. maintenance, security, data analysis, transmission via e-mail, research or hospitality of data). We demand that the contracted third parties in question agree that the process of personal data is executed in accordance with the present Privacy Policy and exclusively and solely for the provision of the necessary services, and up to the measure dictated by the proportionality principle.

Legal Obligations
It is possible that we deliver personal data following court or administrative order or because of other obligation that arises of the legislation in force. Moreover, it is possible to deliver personal data a) in cases that in good faith we consider that such is adequate of necessary for taking precautionary measures for the avoidance of civil, administrative, penal sanctions or same of other nature, c) when needed in order to protect the personnel and our services from fraudulent or abusive actions, d) for the investigation and protection of the organization from third parties’ allegations, and e) for the assistance of administrative and court authorities in the framework of their duties.

Collective date and data that are not considered as personal
It is possible that we notify collective lists that have personal data with existing of potential clients and associates of the press, in order to demonstrate the use of the site, to determine the trends of the industry and advertisement as well as for general advertising purposes.

4. What choices do I have?
In the webpage You can as a visitor of our site, not provide us with personal data. Moreover, you can at any time request access to your personal data in order to inform or correct some personal information regarding yourself, by communicating at You also have the right to delete your personal data, according the legislation in force.

5. Notifications of privacy policy
It is possible for us to periodically inform about the present privacy policy. We encourage you to examine periodically this present privacy policy in order for you to be updated for the collection, process and notification of personal data. The ongoing use of our site implies that you consent to the updated privacy policy.

6. Communication
If you have any queries regarding the present privacy policy you can contact us at

Policy of cookies use
As most of the services provided by the internet, is possible to receive and record automatically data when you use the webpage. It is possible that we use various technological methods, including clear GIFs (known as “seb beacons”) and of “cookies” for the collection of that data.