New Changes to Immigration Law – Now you can purchase your Golden Property with POS

04 November, 2019

On the 30 of October, the Greek Parliament has voted and passed a new law where the means of payment for those who want to purchase a property in Greece in order to acquire the Permanent Residence have been changed and expanded. According to Law 4635/2019 article 226, the accepted and legal means of payment are:

1. use of bank cheque

2. by money transfer through a bank and

3. by POS charging the buyer’s credit or depit cardand trasferring the amount to an account of the seller in Greece.

Moreover, according to the same provision, also family member of the investor may proceed to the payment meaning that the parents, and or childer, husband or wife of the investor may submitt the payment.

The above changes, provide new opportunities to those wishing to obtain their Residence Permit facilitates the procedure and brings them one step closer to reside in Europe.

It is a great change clarifying the issue of the means of payment, and attracting more and more foreign investors.