Have you heard about the EU Blue Card?

15 November, 2019

With Article 22 of the Law 4071/2012, Greek legislation has harmonized in the national legal system the Directive 2009/50 of the European Council, in relation with the requirements of legal entry and residence of non EU citizens for working and educational reasons, the so called acquisition of EU BLUE CARD.

EU BLUE CARD in a Glance

The EU Blue Card is a type of residence permit for high skilled professionals of non- EU countries. It provides to its holders the right to legally work and reside in Greece for up to 2 years, which is renewable. Family members of the applicant may also be granted the residence permit under the precondition of providing sufficient funds to sustain them in Greece.

Preconditions of the EU Blue Card

Apart from being a non-EU citizen and a qualified professional, the applicant shall:

Be the Holder of valid passport and legal entry permit in Greece

Provide proof of legal employment contract of at least one year

Have full medical insurance

Not pose any danger for the public security and health

How to apply for the EU Blue Card

In order to be apply for the EU Blue Card you shall provide the following documents upon arrival in Greece and before the expiration date of the entry permit. Those documents are:

A filled application form,

Proof of employment contract


A recognized university diploma (For regulated professions – the equivalent certificate or license of profession)

Proof of your salary exceeding by 1.5 times the average salary or for professions in shortage 1.2 times the average salary

A written declaration of the employer at the hosting country

Two passport-size personal photos

Proof of payment of the administrative fee

In case the competent authority finds the documents insufficient, then have the right to request the deposition of supplementary documents within one month.

How long does it take to get the EU Blue Card?

According to the Law, the authority shall within 90 days from the deposition of the documents (including the supplementary documents if necessary) declare its decision.

However, please note that the above time frame might be longer, due to unexpected workload of the authority.

Rights of EU Blue Card holders

Holders of the EU Blue Card have :

The right to legally work and reside in Greece

Access the educational system

Travel to European countries without visa

Validity of the EU Blue Card

EU Blue Card is valid for two year, renewable. If the employment contract has a shorter term, then the EU Blue Card is of the corresponding term plus three extra months.

How to renew the EU Blue Card

For the renewal of the “EU Blue Card”, the applicant, before the expiration of the current EU Blue Card shall submit the aforesaid documents to the competent authority, which shall examine the application and if the applicant continues to meet the conditions shall issue a decision which extends for three years the “EU Blue Card” . If the contract covers a period less than the above, the “EU Blue Card” renewed for the duration of the contract plus three months.

Can family members accompany the main applicant?

Yes, it is possible , under the precondition that he/she can provide for them financially. Family members’ residence permits are issued within six months after the applications are submitted and of the same duration as the main applicant ‘ s Blue Card.

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