28 December, 2021

PR cards

As per ministerial decision published on 27.12.2021 the validity of:  1. PR cards, 2. Certificates of applying for PR, is extended until 31.03.2022. PR cards that are to be issued as renewals, will be valid starting next day of initial date of their expiration. We, at KMD Law Firm, stay always updated. Follow us on […]

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03 November, 2020


Alternative taxation of income of natural entities, beneficiaries of income arising from pensioners arising abroad, who transfer their tax residence in Greece 1. Natural entity, pensioner, arising abroad, who transfers its tax residence in Greece, may be subject to an alternative form of taxation, provided, cumulatively, that: a) was not a tax resident of Greece […]

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02 November, 2020


According to the Income Tax Code, as amended by Law 4646/2019, “High Net Worth Individuals” (HNWI) are provided with significant incentives for the transfer of tax The alternative tax regime (non-dom) dictates that the investor will pay a fixed tax of one hundred thousand (100,000) euros / per tax year, regardless of the total income […]

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23 April, 2020


Violence amidst partners, spouses, or coming from either parents towards their children, or children towards elderly or disabled parents of theirs, is not only morally repulsive and blamable, but also legally forbidden. What does that include? The existence of a complete legal protection framework for victims of domestic violence, to which later can resort in […]

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13 April, 2020

Golden Visa News

The Ministry of Immigration and Asylum of Greece has issued the Decision 12889/2020 regarding the extension of permanent residences’ and temporary residenence permits’ (blue paper) validity, due to the lockdown, after COVID-19 outbreak. More specifically, according to the Decision, residece permits issued for investment purposes (Golden Visa) that expired between the 11th of February 2020 […]

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03 April, 2020

New Guidelines For Employment Contracts

On the 31st of March 2020, the Greek Ministers of Labour and Finance have issued new guidelines regarding the implementation of support measures to businesses that have been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. More specifically the newly issued Ministerial Decision determines the following: 1. Suspension of Employment Contracts Employers of affected businesses may suspend employment […]

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19 March, 2020

Whether the spread of coronavirus can be perceived as a reason of force majeure

Whether the spread of coronavirus can be perceived as a reason of force majeure, preventing or postponing fulfilment of contractual obligations, is interpreted according to specific – each time – circumstances. Regarding the ability to recognize existence of force majeure, no dispute thereupon, since it has already been clarified that the concept itself presupposes that, […]

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